We have recently launched a platform, HiClicks Malaysia, as our e-commerce logistics arm with operations commencing in the four following countries – Taiwan, Korea, Japan, USA.

This platform provides inbound courier services for online shoppers (individual buyers and bulk purchasers) who purchase from online merchants operating in the specified countries.

Upon registration, members will be provided with their unique HiClicks membership number as well as the HiClicks overseas warehouse addresses in the four countries. Members can ship their parcels to the respective HiClicks overseas warehouse and we will ship it back to Malaysia for them.

In addition to transparent and reasonable prices, members are also privileged to enjoy generous rewards and price deals during special occasions.

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We call it “Delivery with a Click”.

Here is how it works in 3 simple steps:

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Sign up for a free account with HiClicks Malaysia. Verify your HiClicks membership and obtain your dedicated overseas local warehouse address in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and the US.

Shop from any online stores. At the merchant checkout page, enter your HiClicks membership ID and local warehouse delivery address as shown in Hiclicks member page. Once your package has arrived at our warehouse, we will notify you via email.

Login to your HiClicks Malaysia account and submit the shipment application. Pay the shipping fees online and we will do the rest.


Free storage and value added services. We offer 14 days free warehouse storage and the more you buy the more discount rate you enjoy. Repacking services are available to reduce costs, so you may consolidate multiple parcels into one parcel to SAVE MORE!

Timely delivery Once your shipment order is received , your package will arrive at your doorstep within 7-10 or 14-21 working days depending on the country you shopped from.

Conveniency Another advantage of having an overseas local warehouse address is the convenience of shop and ship while you travel overseas. Just shop and get the retailers to deliver the goods to the overseas local address without having to carry them.

Professional & friendly customer service That’s not all, as HiClicks Malaysia member, you will enjoy professional customer service, discount vouchers, rewards and promotions from time to time.

3 simple steps

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